In 2012 a vision was forged to create theatre in a style of evocative work which can raise new questions within society as we move forward in history.


As we find new ways to live with the advances in technology that emerge through the new millennia it is my goal to ensure that we also find new ways to make art. I created a concept for a theatre company for me to produce my own work in hopes to attract like-minded practitioners to collaborate with under the banner on a project basis.”


What is ‘The Cherry Orchard'?


Our name is taken from celebrated Russian playwright Anton Chekhov's last play. The Cherry Orchard was first performed on stage on the 17th of January 1904 but the international classic time and again leaves us with reminders of the futility of a constant culture; that the only constant is change in which we have to adhere to before we fall apart.


We are a Singaporean based contemporary arts production company focused on bringing you works which tackle issues that we believe are intrinsic within current society and culture. As the age of technology propels our cultures and societal norms to shift ever more rapidly, we see it as imperative that art keeps up in parallel pace with what needs to be spoken from the private to the public voice of society.

Effective 2018, The Cherry Orchard has been re-branded as PlayCraft Studios.




The Cherry Orchard aims to represent the network of artistry in Singapore. Connecting venues, programmes, communities and practitioners to keep the Singapore Art scene growing together as a vibrant and cutting-edge community of Artists.




We believe in the intimate relationship between the audience, the action and the art. 


Our art focuses on the personal, the close, life and all its details.


Our focus zooms down into the small details to observe the larger picture.


We take a pause in the moment to investigate the times we live in.


We realize what we need to do, we remember and carry on.



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