Meisner Technique 4 Week Program Bundle (8 Sessions)

This bundle includes all 8 sessions in April 2021. Sunday sessions are of similar content to the Saturday of the same weekend. This bundle is geared towards those who wish to deepen and hone their grasp on the Meisner Technique through an intensive practice. Beginners are also welcome to experience this level of training.


Sanford Meisner is widely known for his repetition exercises, but why? What does repetition do for actors that constitute it as a training method? Also known as ‘the actors’ brain gym’, the Meisner technique trains us to be open, receptive, vulnerable and engaged- the lifeblood of acting.


This session will be a safe space for participants to practice their ability to observe and attend to another actor. By focusing on our partner, we free ourselves from being self-conscious, allowing authenticity and ease to play.


The program will begin by introducing a strong foundation of the repetition technique before developing into advanced exercises, improvisations and applying the technique into scene study and rehearsal.


Session 1:

- Foundation of the Meisner Technique

- Basic to Developed Repetition Exercise


Session 2:

- Developed to Advanced Repetition Exercises

- 'The Obstruction' Exercise


Session 3:

Improvisation From The Meisner Technique:

- Objectives & Activity

- 'The Knock on the Door' Exercise


Session 4:

- Incorporating Meisner Repetition in Text Work

- Text Work & Rehearsal Improvisations through Meisner Repetition

- Internal Presentation

Meisner Technique 4 Week Program Bundle (8 Sessions)


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