Meisner Technique 4 Week Program (Sundays 12pm-4pm)

Sanford Meisner is widely known for his repetition exercises, but why? What does repetition do for actors that constitute it as a training method? Also known as ‘the actors’ brain gym’, the Meisner technique trains us to be open, receptive, vulnerable and engaged- the lifeblood of acting.


This session will be a safe space for participants to practice their ability to observe and attend to another actor. By focusing on our partner, we free ourselves from being self-conscious, allowing authenticity and ease to play.


The program will begin by introducing a strong foundation of the repetition technique before developing into advanced exercises, improvisations and applying the technique into scene study and rehearsal.


Session 1:

- Foundation of the Meisner Technique

- Basic to Developed Repetition Exercise


Session 2:

- Developed to Advanced Repetition Exercises

- 'The Obstruction' Exercise


Session 3:

Improvisation From The Meisner Technique:

- Objectives & Activity

- 'The Knock on the Door' Exercise


Session 4:

- Incorporating Meisner Repetition in Text Work

- Text Work & Rehearsal Improvisations through Meisner Repetition

- Internal Presentation

Meisner Technique 4 Week Program (Sundays 12pm-4pm)


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