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Kalaripayattu & Acting [19th June]



I started training in Kalaripayattu when I was 17 years old. Kalaripayattu is believed to be the oldest martial arts in India, spanning over 3000 years. It originates from Kerala, located in the South of India. It was used as a martial art that defended communities as warfare and for settling disputes. What I love about this practice is that it derives its form from animal movements. I am very closely connected to animals with my father being a zoologist and therefore I have found refuge using Kalaripayyatu as my basis for creation of work, training and even as a meditative movement practice. I use animal shapes and imagery to work with choreography, form and even character work.


Key Learning Points:

  • Learning the different animal forms and stances in Kalaripyattu, example, Elephant, Lion and Horse

  • Connecting, Flow, Breath and Shape. Participant’s will explore how to navigate and use breath in movement. Emphasis will be placed on the inner workings of the mind and body connection through the form. 

  • Using Kalari as a vocabulary , participant’s will turn learned animal stances into subconscious shapes and images, pulling focus on impulse building, kinesthetic response and action image work.

Kalaripayattu & Acting [19th June]

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