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Martial Arts for Actors Bundle [3]

All sessions are 6pm-10pm


In contemporary actor training around the world, conservatories, specialist professional studios and universities are beginning to grasp the understanding of how Martial Arts training is an important aspect of an actors' work. At the end of his life, the hugely influential acting teacher Konstantin Stanislavsky highlighted the importance of psycho-physical training to be at the core of any actor training program. His work hugely influenced the United States, Europe, and Russia though the west only propelled his ideas into the psychology of the actor, fascinated by Freudian Psychoanalysis coming out at the time.


In the East, Martial Arts & Physical Training had always been a pillar of any acting tradition. Theatre and actor training traditions in the East that can date to thousands of years of heritage focus on the physical and martial aspects of an actors' training just as much as the social, spiritual and psychological: Kathakali, Noh, Peking Opera, Balinese Barong just to name a few.


This workshop series is designed for actors looking to discover or strengthen their mind-body (psycho-physical) connection and understand how this contributes to their practice of acting. Each session is led by an expert with many years of experience in the specific Martial Art AND acting/performance to introduce key aspects of the Martial form which will enrich your acting craft. As each facilitator will introduce key inter-disciplinary concepts that will support you in the next session, it is highly recommended to undergo the full series experience.


Wing Chun – Peps Goh (5 June)
Muay Thai – Khairul Kamsani (12 June)
Kalaripayattu – Sharda Harrisson (19 June)
Silat – Lian Sutton (26 June)


If you have not done so, please email to reserve your session slots before purchasing.

Martial Arts for Actors Bundle [3]

S$450.00 Regular Price
S$400.00Sale Price
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