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Meisner Technique [2 Session Bundle]

Sanford Meisner is widely known for his repetition exercises, but why? What does repetition do for actors that constitute it as a training method? Also known as ‘the actors’ brain gym’, the Meisner technique trains us to be open, receptive, vulnerable and engaged- the lifeblood of acting.


This sessions will be a safe space for participants to practice their ability to observe and attend to another actor. By focusing on our partner, we free ourselves from being subconscious, allowing authenticity and ease to play.


Level 1 - Foundation of Meisner & Basic Repetition

Level 2 - Physical Action Repetition

Level 3 - Psychological Repetition

Level 4 - Meisner Technique Improvisations

Level 5 - Applying Meisner Technique with Text


*the leap in difficulty from Level 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 is high. It is highly recommended to attend at least 2 Level 2 classes before attending Level 3 (and so on). Khairul will feedback at the end of sessions if you are ready to undertake more advanced sessions.*


If you have not done so, please confirm which dates you wish to attend to ensure there are available slots with It is required to complete the earlier sessions before progressing to the higher levels.

Meisner Technique [2 Session Bundle]

S$85.00 Regular Price
S$75.00Sale Price
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