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Silat & Acting [26th June]



Silat Tua, like most traditional martial arts, paradoxically highlights the value of life through the development of techniques intended for harming others. It is an art that has an intimate relationship with nature, as understood from its roots in animism. In essence, Silat Tua is about seeking to free the imagination, inspiring movement and self-reflection, all leading to a deeper understanding of the exponent’s self and interaction with their immediate environment. As an actor myself, its rituals have helped heal and balance. Its techniques have helped to ground and build presence. Its philosophies have helped as a guide, redirecting the ego-driven responses that often plagues the performers paradigm.


Key Learning Points:

- Strength and Conditioning Drills from Silat Tua that work to connect the bodymind

- Understanding and building your own movement aesthetic/pre-performance ritual

- Partnerwork and sensitivity training from a traditional malay martial system

Silat & Acting [26th June]

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