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Meisner Technique
Weekly Sessions
Every Tuesday and Wednesday,
@ 38 Jalan Pemimpin

How does the Meisner Technique help me improve my acting?
  1. No more stage fright! The reason we get nervous or stage fright before performing is because we suddenly get super self-conscious about what we’re doing and how we look doing it. The Meisner Technique trains you to put focus on your partner and the scene so that you can be free from your inner critic that stops you from acting organically.
  2. The reality of doing. A common misconception about acting is that it is ‘to pretend’ or ‘to lie professionally’, but actually, the actors who draw us in are those who can expose profound truth in their performance, immersing us into their world. By “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances”, you will learn how utilize your instruments to their fullest capacity.
  3. You can always use it! Even when you are working on a monologue, audition sides or with a scene partner who hasn’t trained in Meisner, the Technique can be applied in any situation whenever you are rehearsing or performing as an actor. It results in authentic performances that blends so well in any style of acting that you can apply it quickly and effectively every time you act!

*Studio unit is within booking confirmation attachment via email

Khairul teaches Meisner in a progression based system from Level 1 to Level 5. To ensure that the technique is learned, retained and applied correctly, participants must complete the earlier levels before continuing to the more advanced sessions. Before purchasing the discounted bundle, please email which dates you wish to attend to ensure there are available slots.
Overview of Progression Structure
Level 1 - Foundation of Meisner & Basic Repetition
Level 2 - Physical Action Repetition
Level 3 - Psychological Repetition
Level 4 - Meisner Technique Improvisations
Level 5 - Applying Meisner Technique with Text

*the leap in difficulty from Level 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 is high. It is highly recommended to attend at least 2 Level 2 classes before attending Level 3 (and so on). Khairul will feedback at the end of sessions if you are ready to undertake more advanced sessions.*

May 2021 Schedule
19th May - Meisner 2 (sold out)
25th May - Meisner 3 (sold out)
26th May - Meisner 3 (sold out)
June 2021 Schedule
1st -
8pm - 10pm :Meisner 1
2nd -
6pm-8pm : Meisner 1
 8pm - 10pm : Meisner 2
8th - 
8pm - 10pm :Meisner 2
9th - 
6pm-8pm : Meisner 3
 8pm - 10pm : Meisner 4
15th - 
8pm - 10pm : Meisner 1
16th -
6pm-8pm : Meisner 2
 8pm - 10pm : Meisner 3
22nd - 
8pm - 10pm : Meisner 1
23rd -
6pm-8pm : Meisner 2
 8pm - 10pm : Meisner 3
29th - 
8pm - 10pm : Meisner 3
30th - 
6pm-8pm : Meisner 4
 8pm - 10pm : Meisner 5
Limited slots due to COVID restrictions.