In his desire to storytell, most often Khairul would prefer to use my own words and stories. At any point of time he would have a list of concepts and stories mulling over in his head; here are the stories which he has found very strong impetuses to shared and produced as fully staged productions.


Clicking on the associated image will open a tab with excerpts of the play if available.

Human+ [2017]

Have you ever desired photographic memory? The ability to recollect all you’ve experienced, thought and learned? We have built the solution! With our patented Head Drive that connects directly to your brain-stem to translate your consciousness into binary data; you will never have to worry about forgetting again!

Live forever in the safety of our cloud servers.

Join us as we take the next step into evolution, the Human+.

We at Akamaicore are dedicated to the perfection of humanity through technology.

Power Trip



Work in Progress


Discord of Discourse [2015]


Discord of Discourse is an exploration of language, signs, symbols, semiotics and how communication of structures create our own personal realities. Interaction among others then becomes a constant clash of realities where the endeavor to understand each other forces us to create, destroy and augment our previous beliefs and comprehensions in order to attain mutual perception.



This is a love story of Jean & Alice.

Human+ [2014]

What lies beyond humanity?


Through secret breakthroughs in neurotechnology, scientists have been able to implant hard disk drives into skulls linked to the brain. These Head Drives grant photographic memory and the ability to share thoughts, emotions and information via the internet.


Their existence and technology has been kept a secret until now. The implemented consider themselves a whole new species beyond humanity; the Human+.


The next leap in evolution is in our hands; we created the Human+ while destroying ourselves. Humanity won't exist when we evolve from it.

Are we doomed to contrive our own extinction?

Fracture: The End, The Middle & The Beginning [2012]


Fracture is a performance on stage, on screen and in your head, inviting you to imagine, break, build and rebuild reality again and again because if you are built on your memories, who are you without them?

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