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Should we restrain technology from dictating our lives and biology? Can we?

“Human+” - first staged in 2014 - is returning with a new script to confront the evolving landscape of Transhumanism Technology: the synergy of machine and man. As we knock on the doors to our next era of humanity, the ethics of allowing ourselves to be dependent on machines and systems has become much more crucial within the last three years alone. Companies, individuals and artists have been emerging to challenge the way we perceive our lifestyle, work and biology; the lines separating science fiction and fact are becoming so blurred that it is almost imperative to investigate this phenomenon through the lens of theatre.

Enter Akamaicore, a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and health technology company that creates “everyday miracles”. On their quest to “perfect humanity through technology”, they have eradicated Malaria, developed Stem Cell Regeneration and DNA Augmentation among their many breakthroughs in preserving and improving human biology. Their final frontier being the mysteries of the brain, and the quantum realm of the conscious mind.

Dr. McCaine, CEO and top inventor of Akamaicore has created the Head Drive. A nano-computer device, that when connected to the brainstem can decipher chemical messages from the brain to body and store them in the digital drive in real time. Creating a tangible, editable and ever-living “digital mind”.

The morality of such a device falls deep within the grey, its implications seem boundless and its power possibly unbridled. Should we tinker with such a future? Or has our curiosity and ingenuity as a species doomed us to manufacture our extinction as we transcend into the Human+?


Written, produced and directed by Singaporean theatre auteur Khairul Kamsani. Starring Shu Yi Ching, Mitchell Lagos, Jo Tan, Prem John and Remesh Panicker. Supported by the Singapore National Arts Council.

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